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Did I say I love you?

I´d have to be a superfluous not realize that I love you. You fill all my ambitions. You are half of what I don't know and what I ignore. I found you one afternoon as someone who finds a small round stone and holds it for life. You are the roads that I had not walked yet and the villages in which I had not been before. I am going to give you this day and this night the best of me, knowing that, without asking, I will receive the best of you, which is also the best thing that has happened to me. You are the mirror in which I look at myself and you’re the dialogues I imagined. You´re the accompanied loneliness I was lacking since a long time ago; you erase my sadness and my melancholy, or rather, you rearrange them; You are all I needed. You are the laughter and the silence, the unexpected and what I was waiting for. You are the one who knows everything; when we dance, you’re the rhythmic and the sensitive one; I am the clumsy, the rough, the one with two left feet. It’s your bod


Close to the very frantic heart of a bustling and populated suburb of a large city of the East Coast of the most powerful conuntry an Earth, closer to helplessness than to opulence, a hermit once lived. A hermit raised among counter clerks, maintenance workers and grocery store attendants, a hermit who had already experienced what it feels like to live among stinking streets streaked heavily with graffiti; and educated, without doubt, in an impoverished kindergarten and ordinary elementary and junior high schools. His flat was modest. Compact ... but somehow beautiful; it could even be said, cozy; with three or four pieces of art that reflected the way of life of its inhabitant. Three rooms. One that combined a kitchenette, a dining and a living room, with a minimal step at the middle that ended in a large window with light brown satin curtains; which when opened, gave way onto a railing overlooking a small and quiet wooded park. A mustard-colored love seat and a single sofa, both in w


Today, I stop at a small and cozy hotel (Posada Mexico), at the only, legally, naked beach in whole Mexico, at Zipolite, Oaxaca. Of course, you could go naked in many of the Mexican beaches when nobody is close by; but here, you could do it from early in the morning to late at night, and you could walk the almost two-mile-long beach from side to side and nobody will care if you are too old, too skinny, too young or too fat; if you have fifteen piercings in your nose, mouth and ears or if your body is a complete tattoo world map. So, prepare to expose yourself if you want to try, and if you are too shy you could do it very early in the morning or in a very hidden corner of the Playa del Amor. Jumping naked in the waves or diving into them is an experience I recommend to do it at least once in your lifetime. So, if you are not Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron, Johnny Depp, or Cesar Millan, the famous Dog Whisperer, who are being followed by paparazzies all the time; and if you d

Love your neighbor as yourself

   Love your neighbor as yourself. But I am not saying, you shall love your father, your mother, your children, your aunt, your grandmother, or your brothers ... Since, you already love them; or at least, you tolerate them. Then... Love the stranger, the one who needs you, and the needy; But above all, love the one who sees you differently, the one who ignores you, the one who bothers you, the one who envies you, the one who curses you, the one who says: Fuck you! Love the ignorant, the one who does not understand and the one who does not comprehend; because for him or her, perhaps you are the one who knows nothing and understands nothing; And well, life is not a "Let's see who knows more?" game; because even the one who does not know, knows; and even the one who thinks that he or she knows everything, ignores basic facts. Understand that love is transmitted by the words that come out of your mouth; but even more, by the language your body and face express; with it you di