Did I say I love you?

 I 'd have to be a superfluous to not realize that I love you. You fill up all my ambitions. You are half of what I don't know and half of what I ignore. I found you one afternoon as someone who finds a small round stone and holds it for life. You are the roads that I had not walked and the villages in which I had not been before. I am going to give you this day and this night the best of me, and tomorrow I will give you the same, knowing that, without asking, I will receive the best of you, which is also the best thing that has happened to me.

You are the mirror in which I look at myself and you are the dialogues I imagined. You are the loneliness with company I needed; you erase my sadness and my melancholy, or rather, you rearrange them; You are all I needed. You are laughter and silence, the unexpected and what I was waiting for.
You are the one who knows everything, the rhythmic and the sensitive one; I am the clumsy, the rough, the one with two left feet. It is your body that couples well to mine, and it is mine that mates poorly with yours. And that's why I love you, and maybe that's why, I guess, you love me; or if you don't love me, you tolerate me, at least.
I could say I love you, but I could also say I don´t, because I had not known love, because I did not understand love and it was not presented to me as this before. You could say that you don't love me, that you've only got used to me, and that you don't need me.
But really, I do love you for who you really are, and I love you for what I am; for the one I become when I am with you. I love you also for who I am when I am not with you; because then I am the same or even better than when you are with me; and then, I only have one fear; that when you are not with me, you will be much better, because then I would know that you do not need me and that maybe I hinder you and halt you.
Today I have nowhere to go other than the place where you are or close by. And if I say goodbye, it is not that I want to say it, I only say goodbye to know if you will stay, or if you will simply cross the threshold of the door. On the contrary, I can leave whenever you want, when you decide so; and you can stay with me for as long as you want, because I have not bought the time for you to stay with me, and because I have nothing more to give you than what you see, what I am; this one I have become, all because you are... with me.

 How things Are going Up There?
How things are going up there?
Isn´t it strange?
You´re going to have dinner
then read and going to bed
Here I am lazy, I just woke up
and lunch is still far away
You end a day and I´ll start to think
what I am going to do today.

You don´t love me
Probably neither I do
Love is a concept
And a mania too.
You are fourteen hours away
Three meridians and one
Tropic of Cancer divide us.

Twelve thousand miles are a barrier
That separate us by sea, by air.
How can love persist if it is true
that it could exist...

I am convinced
that love is a believe
for believers to believe.

Then it doesn´t matters
if there are meridians, tropics,
continents or oceans that separate
lovers that believe.


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